Friday, May 13, 2022

The Gardener (trailer)

Click here to wach the trailer of my first feature length micro budget contemplative avant-garde fiction film.

The film was entirely shot on shoestring budget and took place on and off for a period of 2 years. As well as in my experimental one take short films, I only used extreme long static shots and let the unpredictable occasions happen on outdoor locations. Working without actors, extras, lack of financials, professional equipment, etc... didn't stop me to continue or give up the project, instead encouraged to use the extended, almost limitless time to develop and frame the storyline.  The nearly silent film "home movie" is an experimentation, just like Chantal Akerman's earliest cinema, though here, diegetic outside the frame "off screen" sounds and dialogues are also key elements of the story telling. 

Story line: a middle age expatriate man working as a gardener for wealthy local families to support his own family somewhere in South East Asia, but one day, everything change.

Music: Kai Engel https:// www. kai-engel. com

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Synchronicity / God is everywhere

Synchronicity is became part of my everyday life for awhile. I am witnessing day by day miracles wherever I see. Click HERE for further info, please visit my previous article. 

(tree roots)

Human Face
(among tree leaves)

 (left of church close to clock)

Maybe great great grandma?

Face of ?

Face of?

My latest scared paintings ; Surrealist automatism

Three of my latest acrylic paints "Messiah"; "Via Dolorosa" and God or YHWH "יהוה" or "השם‎‎" (Hashem -The Name) .First time I used gold color.


Via Dolorosa