Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Synchronicity / God is everywhere

Synchronicity is became part of my everyday life for awhile. I am witnessing day by day miracles wherever I see. Click HERE for further info, please visit my previous article. 

(tree roots)

Human Face
(among tree leaves)

 (left of church close to clock)

Maybe great great grandma?

Face of ?

My latest scared paintings ; Surrealist automatism

Three of my latest acrylic paints "Messiah"; "Via Dolorosa" and God or YHWH "יהוה" or "השם‎‎" (Hashem -The Name) .First time I used gold color.


Via Dolorosa 


Friday, October 29, 2021

Dick Monday Tokiói Kalandjai (Dick Monday's Tokyo Adventures)

My book "Dick Monday Tokiói Kalandjai (Dick Monday's Tokyo Adventures)" published in 2012 is still available to order via Bookline You can read the story in a nutshell via Garai Timi's website in Hungarian. I am looking for book publishers in English, German, Japanese, Chinese and other languages and as the holder of copyrights, going to sell the Movie (filming) rights. Please send PM if you're interested.